Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TRUNK SHOW... What It Means and How It Can Make Your Wedding Dress Shopping A Sweeter Experience

This past weekend Jorge Manuel had the honor of flying to California and meet all of his Jorge Manuel Brides. "I feel so fortunate because they [brides] are all so beautiful and have so much style. I am humbled by their choice of selecting me as their bridal gown designer. What a beautiful store and team that work at The White Dress. Never felt so special nor so validated in what I love do to most in this world...bridal!" commented Jorge Manuel about his experience at this past weekend trunk show.

A trunk show is a designer's full collection that travels to a store hosting the event for the weekend. The reason why trunk shows are a great way to shop for your wedding gown is that the designer or a representative from the label travels with the entire collection to help you pick the perfect dress. In addition, trunk shows are the one time when brides can come out and meet their designer. It is such a treat to meet the person who created your wedding gown. It is even more so when you have the chance to personalize the dress by making one or two possible changes to your gown bringing out the best of you. These shows help you to connect with your dress in a completely different level. You feel more connected to it since you know how and why it was created. Here are some quick tips to making your trunk show experience even that much more enjoyable:

1. Get the Information. Check the bridal store website or call your nearest retailer store and ask them about their trunk show schedules and who and when will be showing. Once you have all of your information do your research!

2. Research. Visit the designer's online website and familiarize yourself with their style and product. You will soon discover what designer has the esthetic you are looking for. Once you found the perfect designer, then schedule your appointment for their trunk show by calling the bridal retailer near you.

3. Make an appointment. Once at your appointment keep an open mind. Tell your sales person what you like and don't like, but don't be opposed to trying on styles. You never know which one will sweep you off your feet! Most often brides end up purchasing the one gown they never thought they would buy.

4. Don't let your group get too big! Be selective in who you bring. Your group should consist of those whose opinion you truly value. You don't want to second guess yourself. Trust yourself!

5 . Come prepared. Walk into the trunk show thinking you will walk out of it with your dream dress! It is the only time you will have the opportunity to see gowns that normally aren't available at the store. Once you find your gown don't question your instincts. Sometimes the search is simple and other times it takes some work and it will not always come with tears! You will just know it in your gut, and regardless if its at a trunk show or not, when you get that feeling go with it!

6. Be realistic. Set yourself realistic goals. Come with a budget and try to stay on track. You don't want to disappoint yourself with an expensive gown you can't afford. Tell your sales person how important it is for you to stay on budget so that you can try on the perfect gowns you will say yes to the dress to once you find it!

7. Stop looking. Truth be told that if you seek you shall find. That goes with the wedding gown shopping experience. If you keep looking and shopping you will never find a dress! There will always be another gown you'll like, but if the one gown you selected makes you feel like a million bucks then why keep looking?

8. Remember you will save on a trunk show. Most retailers offer anywhere between 10-15% discount on bridal gowns purchased at a trunk show. Remember to consider your savings when you budget yourself for your dream dress.

9. Time. Check with your retailer about the time it takes to make your dress. Most design companies take about 14-16 weeks for delivery time after order has been placed. Make sure to give yourself enough time before the wedding to shop so that you don't run into rush order fees.

10. Enjoy the company of your friends and family. Celebrate your dress find with your family and friends once you find the "one." Take the time to make it an evening dinner celebration with those who helped you through your dress finding journey.

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