Saturday, February 11, 2012

Normally We Wouldn't Post Gossip About Artists On Our Work Blog Site But This Angel Deserves We Acknowledge Her Enormous Set of Wings

Your Voice Will Guide you Home...

 We normally like to blog happy news about our company and work. But this news truly touched the designer Jorge Manuel. It only seemed fitting to thank her for all the beautiful songs she left us with.

"I grew up listening to her. She makes up so much of my childhood years  and her passing serves as a marker that time passes and so does all those you love. Someday we all must go, it will never be easy nor will I ever be able to fully understand why some angels lose their wings so young and so soon. It makes me sad that we may had missed how sad and alone she felt to give in to drugs again. I truly hope before she left she knew how much she was loved and how much she touched so many people's lives with her music....with her voice....may this same voice guide her home!" - Jorge Manuel

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