Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Featured Bride: Monique Poulyo in Jorge Manuel's 'The Eridanus' Gown

 Monique's sense of fashion led her down the aisle in a unique wedding dress that captured her personality and complimented her beauty and age. She knew she wanted that "something different' in a dress that she had a difficult time finding. The intricate bias details on the gown truly speaks for itself; hanging on the rack among all those dress, the Eridanus called her attention immediately. Once she tried on the gorgeous ERIDANUS gown from the designer's NEBULA COLLECTION at J DEL OLMO BRIDAL GALLERY in Miami, she knew it would be the one. The day of her wedding Monique wrote to us and told us how she "was feeling so proud and beautiful." We agree and couldn't be prouder of Monique. Her sense of fashion and beauty showcases that being chic is not a thing of age... its a thing of style. Many congratulations to you and may your blissful years of marriage be filled with joy and love! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jorge Manuel features his collection at Couture Fashion Show in New York...The Poete Collection 2013

The POETE COLLECTION 2013, scheduled to debut at the designer's website this November 2012, was claimed by critics at this year's bridal market in New York City to be Jorge Manuel's most romantic bridal collection yet. Reverie, named after the definition in its French language, means "Day Dream" and it will become the platform for Jorge Manuel's collection in 2013. The collection takes you through the journey of a child pretending to be worldly in an imaginative world made up of dreams. Each dress name in the collection has been selected from what every little girl aspires to become in life. She will imagine becoming a "Princesse" or a "poet" in the not so far future. The collection opens with the little girl wanderer and closes with a transformed woman on her big day