Tuesday, May 3, 2011

She sparkled in the dress! Jeannine Lalonde takes home the Jorge Manuel 'Star' gown

" I couldn't be any prouder for Jeannine. She looks amazing in her gown and I am so honored to be part of her special day. I wish her the world of joy with her new dress, but mostly a world of blessings for her upcoming nuptials!" responded Jorge Manuel. It has been a complete full circle of blessings for everyone involved with this contest.

The "Upon A Star win a wedding couture gown" contest was a success because of the amazing team effort made by wonderful people in the bridal industry. From the designer, Jorge Manuel, who created a one-of-a-kind gorgeous dress, to the wonderful team of 6 very talented seamstresses that took to make the 'STAR' gown, a Jorge Manuel's creation, to the amazing sponsors at Maddison Row owner Laura Kirkman Pelzer, Lindsey and Elle store managers, the wonderful staff at the gorgeous Wild Dunes Resort, the incredibly talented staff at Theweddingrow.com, as well as, the bridal industry dedicated and incredibly kind Della Macnicholas, the talented Paige Winn and Jennifer Bearden photographers that covered the events, as well as, Weddings Unveiled magazine and even down to the simplest details taken care of by the catering company of Caviar and Bananas and sweets by Sugar Bakeshop. To all of you THANK YOU for your support! Such a wonderful team of leaders in the bridal industry that helped make one lucky bride's dream a reality!

"I am a huge believer that if you can change something in one person's world for the better than you are a pillar in this world. The world needs more pillars."  Jorge Manuel responded as to why he decided to began such contest.

Jorge Manuel officially began his annual 'Upon A Star' contest in 2011 in memorium to his late grandmother, Etelvina, who once had a dream of opening up a bridal atelier. Although she passed away nurturing her dream, fortunately, it awakened in her grandson, Jorge Manuel. "I am grateful to be doing what I love to do most in this world. It is because of Brides who believe in what I do the reason why I am here and I could not be any more blessed," acknowledge the designer.

Jorge Manuel is eager to work with more professionals in the industry in the near future with his contest and looks forward to make at least one bride's dream come true every year! All of us here at Jorge Manuel, Inc. could not be happier for Jeannine Lalonde, the first of many winners in the Jorge Manuel "Upon A Star win a couture wedding gown," contest.

Jeannine the happiness in that gorgeous smile, tells us how wonderful you will look on your special day in your Jorge Manuel gown. You shine with it! We wish you the world of blessings and once again, Congrats! I guess dreams do happen when you wish 'Upon A Star.'

Pictures at left at the "turning over the gown" brunch reception held at the gorgeous Maddison Row Boutique. Photography by Paige Winn.

Jorge Manuel's Dress and Veil Fun Facts:

Dress took 6 talented seamstresses, 7 yards of tafetta and 21 hours to make. Each seamstress was responsible for an element within the dress:
-Artistic Ornametal Elements (Piping floral work)
-Finishing details

Gown was designed and confected in the Designer's private studio in Miami, Florida.

The 'Star' gown was named after the contest's name. Each year a different name will be assigned to each contest gown.

The gown was squeezed into the designer's tight production schedule. The IRIS COLLECTION 2012 was being created at the time.

252 hopefuls submitted entries, 5 chosen as finalists, and 1 winner. Judges composed of 5 members:
-Jorge Manuel, Designer/President
-Annette Z. Garcia-Acosta, Vice President of Jorge Manuel, Inc.
-Kyle Leverett, Operations Manager for Jorge Manuel, Inc.
- Lindsey, Maddison Row Boutique Store Manager
-Elle, Maddison Row Boutique Store Manager

Visit www.jorgemanuelweddings.com for the latest JORGE MANUEL collection the IRIS COLLECTION 2012. A romance color inspired collection made for the ethereal and uniquely beautiful bride!


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