Saturday, April 30, 2011

Exciting Saturday for Jorge Manuel and Friends

Jorge Manuel, Maddison Row along with and the Wild Dunes Resort in Charleston, South Carolina prepare for the finale party today at Maddison Row!  The official passing of the "Star" gown to our special winner, JEANINE LALONDE! Jeanine will meet her gorgeous wedding dress for the first time today at the event. We know that she will shine on with it on her wedding day next June!

Jeanine was one of the lucky entry to win the coveted $5720 couture one-of-a-kind wedding dress, complimentary airfare from her hometown in Virginia to Charleston, South Carolina to pick up her dress, but not before Maddison Row plans a beautiful brunch reception for the lucky winner! Special thanks to Weddings Unveiled  and's, Della Macnicholas for covering the event, as well as, the Wild Dunes resort for giving Jeanine a complimentary one night stay at their amazing resort!

We will have coverage on the event soon here on our blog! so stay tuned!

On another exciting news, JORGE MANUEL, prepares to launch his 5th Collection, the IRIS COLLECTION 2012, that is sure to turn heads and get lots of Bridal attention!

The IRIS COLLECTION 2012 is a color inspired collection that will rock the bridal world! For the FIRST time in Bridal History, JORGE MANUEL, encourages brides all over the world to use COLOR when accessorizing their bridal gown! Sure we have seen some brides hint at the idea using color in their shoes, but sadly even these hardly get seen underneath their dresses.....

The IRIS COLLECTION 2012,  named after the part of the eye that gives the eye color, hence, the IRIS is composed of 17 unique and beautiful dresses. The gown's names of this collection were derived after their respective color names in the five romance languages of French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish. The IRIS COLLECTION 2012 is a bold statement not only in the 17 designs, but also in the use of COLOR in accessories! In his most ambitious and beautiful collection yet, the IRIS COLLECTION will unveil Monday, May 2, 2011 on his website!

Mark your calendars you won't want to miss this!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Color of LOVE...IRIS COLLECTION 2012 campaign COMING SOON!

10 days till the unveiling of the IRIS COLLECTION 2011
by bridal designer JORGE MANUEL 
Jorge Manuel begins his countdown to May 1, 2011 when brides around the world will feast their eyes on what promises to be the designer's best bridal collection! In 10 days brides will discover the power of COLOR in the designer's 17 dresses named after a specific color with an incredible flair of 'exotic romanticism'. 

The Collection took one year to make and the color concept inspired Jorge Manuel to create a fascinating world of color for the 2012-2013 brides. The gowns in the IRIS COLLECTION 2012 represents a color named after its literal translation from the five romantic languages of Latin (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Romanian).

"There is such power in color! Everything that moves us has to do with color and I want for the first time in bridal history to bring in Color into a brides attire. I have seen the envelope pushed with color shoes that hide underneath their dresses. Let's throw out that envelope and  let those gorgeous colors show! Bring them out from under the gowns! It is ok to style with color accessories for your wedding too! The trend has far too long been the traditional look, but tradition doesn't have to be boring! I hope that this collection opens many new doors for discriminating brides who truly want to make a statement on their wedding day. The COLOR OF LOVE will move brides from around the world with this concept of accessorizing their gorgeous wedding gowns with color!" - Jorge Manuel

Gowns featured in the IRIS COLLECTION 2012:
1.The Cafeniu (Brown) - Romanian
2. The Cielo (Blue) - Spanish for sky
3. The Cinza (Grey) - Portuguese
4.The Coral (Peach) - Italian
5.The Gazon (Light Green) - French for grass
6. The Kiwi (Green) - Spanish for kiwi fruit
7. The Magenta (Magenta) - Italian
8. The Noir (Black) - French
9. The Ouro (Gold) - Portuguese
10. The Perla (White) - Spanish
11. The Plata (Silver) - Italian
12. The Portocala (Orange) - Romanian
13. The Soleil (Yellow) - French for Sun
14. The Turquesa (Turquoise) - Spanish
15. The Rosso (Red) - Italian
16. The Roz (Pink) - Romanian
17. The Viola (Purple) - Italian