Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Designer Jorge Manuel Releases his ninth collection...A bird inspired collection....the AVIARY COLLECTION 2015

jump on over to for the latest in the designer's bridal fashion 2015. The collection is a 17 piece ensemble inspired in the birds each gown is named after.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

VIDEO: Designer JORGE MANUEL shares the stunning video on his latest bridal gown collection - The FIORE COLLECTION 2014

Visit after watching the video to view the entire collection!

Jorge Manuel unveils his latest collection. The Fiore Collection 2014 debuts at website.

After months of creating designer, Jorge Manuel's latest collection comes to life in photography. The FIORE COLLECTION 2014, takes center stage as Jorge Manuel's latest collection.  Inspired by the Gardens of Versailles and the Gardens of Monet this real life garden of dresses exudes a regal and ethereal feeling. Each dress named after famous flowers found in such gardens. Jorge Manuel creates a collection based on originality, and emphasis on quality and design. The FIORE COLLECTION 2014 is about the true bearers of the heart and soul of their designer.  

Visit to see the latest of the designer's bridal collection.