Friday, February 3, 2012

It Is Finally Here....Jorge Manuel's Newest Collection, the ROCOCO COLLECTION 2012, Makes Its Debut

Jorge Manuel brings to life his newest collection, The ROCOCO Collection, inspired by famous architects and their work. It is the culmination of a six month journey down the sketching, fittings, fabric selecting and editing path. "I am huge fan of architecture and I've been meaning to make a collection inspired by my favorite architects from the past and current. I kept putting off the concept because I felt time would tell me when it would be the right moment to bring it to life. I come from a family that loves to travel, and I've been fortunate enough to have seen many of the places and works these architects designed and made. I thought it proper to name each of the dresses from the collection after each and every one of them respectively," shares the designer.  The ROCOCO collection is a homage to these architects who have one by one contribute so much to the arts and our culture. The idea for naming the collection ROCOCO derives from the diminutive design of the Baroque. At a time when the rebels were considered artist, the Rococo era arose triumphantly and going against the grain became the fad. Jorge Manuel is proud of his latest collection of bridal gowns and invites you to travel with him through each gowns' journey, design idea and the famous architect who inspired it.

Jorge Manuel proudly presents his sixth bridal collection: THE ROCOCO COLLECTION 2012. To view full collection and to learn more about this season's concept visit the designer's website at for more information.

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