Monday, May 14, 2012

Jorge Manuel and Hitched celebrate this year's UPON A STAR win a couture wedding gown contest!

The UPON A STAR win a couture wedding gown contest started with a promise from the designer to make at least one dream for a special bride come true every year. We have been blogging about the contest for months. Entries after entries for the contest made its way through the magic of the internet and into our computers. Deliberations between judges, selecting finalists and an open public vote narrowed it down to this: 

ONE gorgeous one-of-kind Jorge Manuel designed wedding dress, ONE winner and ONE big party to celebrate!

The Event began in October of 2011 with Jorge Manuel and his team partnering with one of his retailer sponsors. Each year Jorge Manuel brings the contest to a new area of the country with the goal of reaching hopeful brides all over the U.S. This year HITCHED signed on as the sponsor for the UPON A STAR Win A Couture Wedding Gown Contest 2012. For 6 months both Jorge Manuel and this year's sponsor HITCHED took the task of making this year's contest one to remember!

Several meetings between the designer and ladies at Hitched followed before a final sketch was decided on and selected. Fabrics, color, style, weight and comfort were all considered during the process. It truly is remarkable the amount of detail that goes into make such a unique and special dress. The UPON A STAR gown is a gorgeous off-white 100%  Silk Taffeta and Silk Satin mermaid silhouette with French beaded lace. It took countless hours, pattern makers and a team of very talented seamstresses to make. The beading was mostly encrusted and done by hand. Truly a special gown for one very special bride.The Winner will be able to customize her veil to match how she envisions she'll look. The experience from getting a muslin to custom making the gown just for her will truly be one she will never forget!

The Contest consisted of an Essay that answered three questions. The entries were to explain what the meaning of love for the bride is; As well as, a brief overview of their theme and colors for their big day. Most importantly, why the contest gown "Eternal Flame" was the perfect dress for them.

All three had to be answered in order to count as a qualifying entry. Entries from all parts of the U.S. made its way into the contest mailbox. Beautiful entries filled with love stories made it difficult for the six judges to pick just six favorites. But soon enough, the FINALIST were selected and posted on the designer's website. All six finalists made an amazing job of campaigning and rallying up votes.  When the polls closed the UPON A STAR contest finally had found its winner! The votes combined with the judges points helped determined the lucky bride who's dream of wearing a one-of-a-kind dress will soon come true.
Jorge Manuel and Hitched will award the coveted dress to one of the six finalists at the UPON A STAR CELEBRATION party on Friday, May 18, 2012. The Journey of finding the perfect bride for a unique dress has made new friendships and memories that will be treasured for a long time to come. After months of searching we have finally reached the end of this journey.

Please join on us at the UPON A STAR CELEBRATION party that will take place at HITCHED in Washington D.C. on May 18, 2012 from 6-8 p.m. where you will be able to meet the lucky bride who won this year announced by last year's UPON A STAR 2011 winner, JEANNINE LALONDE, who will tie the knot in her Jorge Manuel one-of-a-kind gown the following week of the event. You will also have the chance to meet some of the finalists you voted for, as well as, the wonderful staff at HITCHED including store owners, Carin Levine and Julia Kepniss who helped make all this possible.

Jorge Manuel will also be attending the UPON A STAR CELEBRATION bash and looks forward to congratulating the winner personally. " It is a chance to see a dream come true before your very eyes. And I truly wouldn't miss that. It makes me proud of what I do in the bridal industry, and more proud of the wonderful people I work with that make this happen. Although it is a lot of hard work I could not be any happier with its outcome. May the winner embark on this journey and enjoy every minute of it! Congratulations to everyone who put their little part in making someone's dream a reality!" replies the designer.

So who will this year's UPON A STAR contest winner be? Join us on MAY 18, 2012 at HITCHED in Washington D.C. from 6-8 p.m. or visit on May 19, 2012 for the winner's profile and pictures!


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