Monday, February 7, 2011

Featured Bride: Marnie Moran and the Equuleus gown

Married last July in downtown, Miami, Marnie Moran Haney found her dream dress in the Equuleus gown from the designer Jorge Manuel's Nebula Collection 2011. You can access the gown by clicking the Equuleus link of the left bar of this blog page or visiting the designer's website ( The wedding was breathtaking and the bride incredibly beautiful! Marnie is a close friend to the designer, and he took it upon himself, to find the perfect gown to fit her personality, body type and vision.

"She is chic and stylish, but likes to keep things somewhat traditional. I knew from the moment I sketched the gown that it would be a perfect for match!"

And so it was! Our compliments to the happy bride and lucky husband!

Marnie Moran-Haney
Married on July 2010
Equuleus Gown from Jorge Manuel Nebula Collection 2011
Location: Epic Hotel, Miami, Florida
Photographer: 13:13
Check out more of this pictures on their blog  (

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