Thursday, July 25, 2013

Featured Bride: Kara Udell Friedman wears Jorge Manuel's 'The Meier' Gown from the Rococo Collection 2012

There are times when you open a bridal magazine and look at the images and say "that's exactly how I want to look on my wedding day!" For some reason or another their is a journey a bride undergoes and the end result may not always be the one initially intended. This journey makes the dress experience all that more meaningful.

Kara Udell Friedman visited The WHITE DRESS in Corona Del Mar when shopping for the 'big day' dress. Her idea of that one perfect gown was for it to have sleeves. Finding a wedding gown with sleeves in this fashion era can be quite the feat. Coincidentally the designer Jorge Manuel had just released the ROCOCO COLLECTION 2013 and with this set of gorgeous dresses the designer's favorite dress, THE MEIER, became Kara's choice for her big day.

We leave you with the images of her beautiful wedding and memorable day. She could have easily been that girl that envisioned looking like one of the models in the bridal magazines and literally look like a model. Thanks to the magic of photography and Love and Lemonade Photography ( we can transcend back in time to that happy place in Rancho Las Lomas in California on that perfect wedding day.

From all of us here at Jorge Manuel we wish the happy couple a lifetime of wedded joy and bliss.

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