Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrating A 25th Birthday Bash for Jorge Manuel's Operations Manager, Kyle Leverett. Celebrating Life!

Jorge Manuel hosts a birthday party for the Operations Manager of Jorge Manuel Inc., Kyle Leverett, who turned a mere 25 years of age. 

The designer started in the industry as an Event Coordinator. His 8 years of experience working as one and the skills he cultivated along the way made it much easier to orchestrate this event's decor and look. "Kyle works in bridal, so I figured lets throw him a wedding looking theme birthday - over the top and fun!" recalls the designer. Kyle Leverett has worked with Jorge Manuel since 2010. Throughout the years, Kyle has created lasting friendship in the bridal industry and bridged many relationships with retailers around the world and the product that is a Jorge Manuel bridal gown. His contributions to the company have been significant and we could not show how proud and grateful we all are of this young professional. So instead of just using words, Jorge Manuel threw him a huge surprise birthday bash!

Kyle was overfilled with emotions when he saw family who flew all the way to Miami from Kansas, as well, as friends who gathered to give him an incredible birthday surprise. His father who had not flown in over 25 years made the trip to celebrate his sons's birthday. Little did Kyle know that anything of the sort was going on. With the pretense of taking him out to dinner at a posh restaurant in the Brickell Miami area, Kyle received three different envelopes with three very different but unique quotes.

"I remember walking in and being handed an envelope as I walked in. It just had my name written outside and I was quite curious to see what in the world it was" recounts Kyle. The first envelope read:

"Every Father sees himself in his child's eyes."  - anonymous

Puzzled by what he found in this envelope he begins to cry when he realizes that his father is waiting for him seated at the table they had "reserved" for him. The embrace of father and son is heart warming, but it's extremely difficult to hold back any tears when you see the same embrace but of  a son who hasn't seen his dad in some time and reunites in an unexpected place," remembers the designer. Shortly after a brief conversation, Shawn Leverett, Kyle's dad handed him another envelope with his name on the outside just like the one given to him at the reception of the restaurant. Somewhat intrigued, Kyle opened his second envelope with another quote. This time it read:

"In Dwellin, live close to the ground, In thinking, keep to simple. In conflict, be fair and generous. In governing, don't try to control. In work, do what you enjoy. In family, be completely present. - Lao Tzu 

 A bigger surprise for Kyle was to see his grandmother waiting for him on the landing of the stairs of the restaurant. He couldn't contain himself and cried at his grandmother's shoulders. He simply couldn't believe that his grandmother had made the 9 hour trip to see him. Yup you guessed it! She had in her hands the third and final envelope. This one also had his name on it and his response to her when she handed him the envelope?  "Grandmother I can't take another envelope!"

This last envelope read:

Celebrate Family...Friends...Life- anonymous

At the bottom of the stairs Kyle hugs with his high school friend and at the pulling of the curtain sees the room filled with all his family and friends. Some have traveled from far others have taken time off their busy schedules to be present. Surprises kept happening all night. As soon as dinner was over, a party bus drove up to the restaurant and took Kyle and all his guests to the Shelbourne Hotel in Miami Beach for some fun karaoke. The night was full of surprises and all the way around fun!

"My birthday was the most wonderful and unexpected moments of my life. I never pictured having something like that happen. Ever! I was grateful to see all my friends and family together from all parts gathered in one room to celebrate my life! It was surreal!" remember Kyle Leverett from his fun night.

Enjoy the pictures. A Wonderful Moment in Time. From all of us here at Jorge Manuel, Inc. Happy Birthday!

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